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Are you looking for answers? Use the daily tarot card app to gain more insight into what’s happening on a daily basis. Get a daily tarot card reading on your phone or tablet based on the numerology of your name, date of birth and of course today.

Get answers to your questions about love, finance, work & career, relationships, wishes, hopes, ambitions, health, travel, luck, success, marriage, dreams and money.

Use the app to get answers to the questions you face in your daily life. This app uses all 78 tarot cards (Major and Minor Arcana) to give insight into not only the day-to-day challenges you face, but also gives answers to your deeper emotional and spiritual questions.

Card texts were written by the world renowned card reader and scholar, Shaun Dixon.

Along with your daily tarot card, you will also find out what day you were born on and how old you are in days

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