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Dot™ is the only period tracker that can be used to effectively prevent pregnancy or plan pregnancy based on your unique cycle lengths. Based on a new family planning method called Dynamic Optimal Timing™, this patent pending contraceptive app helps you to plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively by with simple period tracking. It tells you your individual conception risks each day of your cycle.

Dot has been described by global health experts as a “game changer for women’s health”, named by Women Deliver as one of “the top 10 apps improving the lives of women & girls”, and described by BuzzFeed as a fertility app that is “life changing.”

Dot is undergoing the first ever prospective efficacy study on a contraceptive app. If you use Dot to prevent pregnancy, you may be eligible to participate.

Dot uses a sophisticated algorithm and compares your data to global data sets to calculate your conception risk or chances for each day of your cycle using just your period start dates. It shows you instantly if you are at low, medium or high risk for pregnancy. The best part – the more you use Dot, the more Dot gets to know you and can tailor your information. It can be used to prevent pregnancy, plan pregnancy, or just as a period tracker and period predictor.

Dot is a modern, easy to use natural family planning option developed by leading reproductive health experts and data scientists. Scientific research shows that it is highly accurate and effective.

Dot is the only fertility tracker that can be used to avoid pregnancy as well as to get pregnant based on just your unique cycles. Because it’s so brilliantly simple, no complex charting, additional hardware or subscriptions are needed to effectively use this patent-pending family planning option.

Dot can be used to prevent pregnancy, get pregnant faster, or to simply track your periods and understand your conception risks. For pregnancy prevention, Dot may not be appropriate for you if you have significant variation in your cycle lengths (more than 10 days between your shortest and longest cycles) or if you have cycles that are regularly shorter than 20 days or longer than 40 days long.


Smart Data – Dot lets you instantly know your conception risks or chances each day of your cycle using just your period start dates. It also tells you if this means you are on a High, Medium or Low risk day for pregnancy.

Intuitive Interface – Dot displays all of this information with a beautiful, easy to use interface that features changing color-coded backgrounds, symbols and text so that you know exactly what to do.

Period Prediction – Dot gives you accurate period predictions for the next 6 months.

Export & Save Your Cycle Data – Send your cycle data to your phone’s calendar app and email it to yourself or your doctor.

Notes, Symptoms & Mood Tracking – Add notes to calendar dates and track your period symptoms, mood, and frequency of sex.

Cycle History – Dot keeps your cycle history so you can see your period start dates and cycle lengths.

When you upgrade to Dot Pro, you are helping the millions of women around the world who have an unmet need for contraception. We are committed to providing these women with free, effective family planning options that don’t cause side effects. Upgrading to Dot Pro supports this work. Upgrading also gives you a few nifty features!

Keep Your Partner in the Loop – Send your partner texts or emails to keep them up to date on your status.

Change Dot’s Colors – Choose from several skins to customize Dot’s colors.

Questions? Email us at hello@dottheapp.com

Dot is a brilliantly simple health innovation from Cycle Technologies. Dot is also a patent-pending technology.

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