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How do you keep your family safe and secure? Introducing Family Orbit, the new way to control and supervise your kid’s phone activities and protect them from harm’s way. Family Orbit is a multifaceted all-in-one family locator, child tracker, and parental control unit that helps you keep your family close and safer than ever.

This life changing app helps you locate, keep in touch with, and protect your children, all in the palm of your hand. Family Orbit allows full privacy controls for adult members who can turn sharing on and off at any time. Parents supervise their children’s accounts in order to keep family safety a priority.

This family locator app is unlike any other of its kind; it is a total family safety solution.

Family Orbit features include:

✔ Family GPS Tracker

Not sure whether your kids are at soccer practice, tutoring, or a friends house? The geo tracker feature helps parents find the location of a child at any time. With this feature, parents are able to track in real-time, as well as view the location history over the last 7 days.
Parents can also set speed limits and be notified if and when their teenager is driving over it.

✔ Family Places

You don’t need to worry whether your child gets home while you are busy at work. The family places geo-fence feature makes it easy to create family safe zones, like “Home” and “School,” and be notified (by push notification and email) when your children arrive or leave that specific location.

✔ Monitor Photos

Teens and tweens are obsessed with taking selfies and photos, however the poorly timed or decided ones can come back to haunt them, making parental control a must. This app allows parents to monitor all photos on their children’s phones so that nothing inappropriate gets shared or stored there.

✔ Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Mobile data usage is one of the most common reasons for expensive phone bills. It’s easy for your children to overuse your Internet data plan and cause unexpected overage charges when they are glued to their smartphone screen, while consuming broadcast media. With Family Orbit, you can monitor the mobile data usage of your family phones right from your own. The app shows a daily, weekly or monthly network usage history of all your family phones and lets you take appropriate control over the data bandwidth.

✔ Monitor Address Book and Calendar Events

Another new parental control feature allows you to monitor the contacts that your children add to their address book, and supervise who their friends are. In the digital age, filled with horror stories of online predators and cyber bullying, it is important for every parent to keep eyes on the people their kids come in contact with.

Family Orbit will monitor all the calendar events and reminders that are added to your child’s phone. You can ensure your child is making the best use of their time by reviewing their schedule.

✔ Panic and Pick-Ups

Emergencies happen. Make sure to use this feature the next time you are in one. If you get in a car accident or find yourself in trouble, quickly send an SOS or panic alert to notify family or the police and they can locate you via the family locator and GPS tracking. Also, children can check which parent or guardian is nearest and request for them to pick them up from school, dance class, etc.

✔ Family News

Bring the whole family together online with Family News, a family messenger and private network that lets parents and children message and set up plans for the weekends. Another form of social networking, family members can view an Activity Wall with family news generated automatically, or even send one-on-one or group messages, all free of cost!

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad