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“HERRSCHAFT” is, as a thinking-type training puzzle RPG, has played a fusion of puzzle game and RPG.

Select the desired panel, reinforced with a variety of directions, overthrew the enemy looming, that earn a lot of the score is the purpose.

Degree of difficulty of the quest as the turn progresses increases.

Turn off the prudently small panel is also good advance surely, but that the training becomes too late.
It is also good to work hard to be a string of bonus training, but instead to turn off the panel, also hordes of enemies would be rushed.
Increase the upper limit of the defense force might be best.
Or even it might be best to raise the upper limit of physical strength.

The fingertip is spun out a fate.

What to select, what to truncate.
What brought up, whether antidepressant to.

Thinking type training puzzle RPG “HERRSCHAFT” that govern all.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad