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Odaku is a service platform supporting the fishermen from India. A platform that comes with Tools & Technology that helps the fishermen on their daily activities. The platform includes various features such as

1. Inbuilt GPS feature that allows the user to store their valuable data into cloud. The information such as WayPoints, Locations details can be uploaded to the cloud. The GPS works offline without need of the internet support. Fishermen going for Deep sea can use this GPS features so that it works smoothly.

2. Solves the International Borders issue and also local borders defined by the state level. The borders are cloud based and fishermen can download the borders based on their region.

3. Ability to share Waypoints or Trawling Tracks between Groups. As a Group of Vessels owners, you can organise your vessels to share information so that your vessel can save high diesel cost. Fishermen have the fear of going to unknown places since they might loose fishing nets and trawl board. Use of sharing information saves the cost and also helps the fishermen to fish without the need of worry.

4. Backup Data – Using the smart phone, fishermen can back up their data such as Location points and Waypoints so that they can restored back when needed.

5. Online Market place – It is always hard for the fishermen to find the products that need. The platform allows to browse through the list of products with their price detail.

6. Buy/Sell Used boats – Provides a way for the Boat sellers to advertise their vessels with pictures and price along with contact numbers. Buyers can browse thru the catalog and give a call to the sellers.

7. Backup your Catch Data about What is being Caught, Where is being Caught and how (fishing Net) is being Caught. Helps the fishermen to have a vivid report about their Catch Records.

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