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Teamchat is a messaging app for enterprises. It enables messaging among teams of any size (yes, unlimited!), by structuring the messages to reduce clutter. This is done through “smart” messages that aggregate, organize and summarize the responses, updating themselves without adding new messages to the conversation stream. Examples include polls, surveys, sales reports, registration forms, lookups and more. It’s as simple as the other messaging apps, but a lot more powerful. Get your teams productive instantly with Teamchat.

– Designed for business teams: the messaging app is designed to make business team communication more efficient and productive.
– Adapt to your workflow: customize smart-messages to your workflow requirements, not the other way round.
– Cut the noise: unlike other messaging apps that can be “noisy”, smart-messages reduce clutter improving the signal-to-noise ratio. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.
– Instant insights: Smart-messages focus the attention on the summary data, moving aside the details to another page.
– Support large teams: since the conversation is more structured and less noisy, it can support much larger teams than other apps can.
– Connect to your enterprise apps: back-end APIs and connectors enable integration with ERP, CRM, CSR, SFA and other enterprise systems.
– Admin Panel: web-based dashboard available to manage users, messages, data, integrations and accounts.
– Freemium pricing: The app and the basic service is free. Upgrade to a premium account to access the admin panel.
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