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ThrillingTravel is a companion for all Travel Lovers. In ThrillingTravel app, you will find My experiences and Recommendations for various travel destinations across the globe. I go into raptures when it comes to Heritage destinations and become an absolute outdoor freak on Beaches and Hill stations. I believe that sometimes, one does not need to travel too far to have fun – travel around your home can be liberating. For every place that I go to , I feel like going back again and sometimes, I do manage to.

There is a certain thrill that I associate with travelling – whether it is real or virtual and that honestly, is the reason for the name that you see on this App. Besides my app, I have a complete website dedicated to my travel experiences and recommendations – http://thrillingtravel.in/ . I publish in several websites and publications including Lonely Planet India, HuffingtonPost India and Travel Cafe of MoneyControl.

ThrillingTravel app is uniquely developed for you. App will recommend places around you in real time irrespective of where you are. As of today, mostly in South Asian region. You can also read my experiences across themes Heritage, Culture, Cities etc.. and share it with your friends.

Deep within each of us is a writer who wants to note as we experience. This app enables you to make quick notes on your travel through Write Experience. You can even share it with your beloved ones.
In future, I plan to put experience specific contextual information.

Stay with me as I travel along and take you through my travel experiences. I am always ready to connect with you on my app and social channels. Write to me using Contact Me on the App.

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