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TINO IQ is known for it’s precise predictions in stocks showing signs of Artificial Manipulation. We are so confident, that we let you challenge our predictions to get 200% return

You saw the apple stock went down 10% last week ?

We see these news after the stock has gone up and down. Big players artificially manipulate the market making $$$ while average Joe’s like you and me just see the show

At Tino IQ, we analyze the patterns of Big Players / Individual traders / Machine Generated trades and find the probability of the stocks being artificially manipulated. We convert this analysis into trading opportunities for our clients.
People use various indicator like Moving averages, RSI, Stochastics to trade. You know, not every indicator works for each stock. So how do you know that your indicator would work today on your stock ? TINO IQ’s algorithms find out what indicator would work best in today‚Äôs environment. To confirm our result we do back-testing for over 30 years of data. Everyday we do billions of calculation so that you get that edge.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad