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HowdyDo! Create a private event and invite your friends or create a public event and invite the whole world and let it go viral.

Create groups or chat 1-1. Your can have 100,000+ member in a group. You have the ability to control who can post on chat such as admin only posts or any member without any restriction. Invite the entire group to an event with 1 click.

You can chat, make voice call or video call 1-1 with your contacts. You can have a voice or video conference call with your group or event attendees. Invitation to events and groups go as an SMS even if the user is not on HowdyDo anywhere in the world.

Paid or Free event, be it a Business or Personal event just say HowdyDo! Users can respond with their replies and number of guests coming. You can evite guests using just their phone numbers. No email, no logging into any social network. HowdyDo allows to set whether guests can invite others in their contacts or choose if they can bring their family. Go ahead and create a HowdyDo evite for a social event, weddings, birthdays, kitties, alumni or any private group. Ask them to pay for it before they come by making it a paid event. Saves you the hassle of splitting the bill.

Sell concert tickets or meet-ups or how about tickets to your cool parties. Accept 36 currencies world wide. Let it go viral on HowdyDo! For paid events, you can check-in and verify tickets of guests to make sure you got them right to know who has come or yet to come or those who didn’t show up. In HowdyDo you even see your sales report on number of tickets sold.

Supported Devices:

Android, IPhone/Ipad