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Emulator of Casio’s Melody-80, vintage calculator from 1979,
one of first musical calculators in the World.
It is, just like the original, mini musical instrument, date
calculator, stopwatch, alarm clock with timer and calculator in one.

This application is NOT associated with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
in any way.

Find out day of week when you were born, calculate how old are you in days, or the day when you will have 10.000 days (or 20 k, if you already have 10:)
Real thing for hipsters!

Look at Howto’s (options menu) to learn how to do these things.

Application can be also used as Android alarm and calculator.

-date calculator (with calendar from January 1st 1901 till December 31st 2099)
-2 alarms.

-prevent phone from sleeping, set alarm in alarm clock and automatically start at boot are needed for alarm clock
-control vibrator, for feedback when changing mode
-view network state and full Internet access for in-app ads.

Supported Devices: