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Bangalore Traffic Police in collaboration with ichangemycity.com launches Public Eye! Spotted a traffic violation? Take a picture/video of the erring vehicle along with its number plate and post it on Public Eye. Download the App now and be a traffic warrior!

These are the violations you can post a complaint on:

1) No parking
2) One way/ No Entry
3) Parking on Footpath
4) Riding on Footpath
5) Riding without a helmet
6) Defective number plate
7) Not wearing seat belt
8) Stopped on zebra cross/Near TRF light
9) Taking a U-turn where U-turn is prohibited
10) Triple riding
11) Using mobilephone
12) Violating lane discipline
13) Wrong parking
14) Using black film/other materials

If you spot any of the aforementioned traffic violations taking place, click a picture of the vehicle along with the number plate, and post the violation on Public Eye brought to you by Bangalore Traffic Police and ichangemycity.com. Within 48 hours someone from BTP will get in touch with you. Go ahead download the app, and support the Bangalore traffic Police.

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