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“Yuemey offers Millennials the perfect solution for automated networking,” as reviewed by Yahoo!

Our goal is to automate career networking for Millennials, utilizing A.I. with a personal career coach and Augmented Reality for employer branding.

• Navigate career relationships naturally and easily.
• Inspired by someone? Let them know by following them, chances are they’ll be inspired by you as well.
• Replace that boring resume, with a visually stunning Yuemey profile.
• Make your first impression memorable with a video intro.
• Manifest the power of thought with our innovative Vision/Dream-boards.
• Briefly narrate your professional experiences with My Story.
• Navigate the beautiful world of Inspiration, by sharing what inspires you.
• Success is 10% luck, 90% hard work. Share your skills and interests with recruiters.

And this is just the beginning! Yuemey is committed to building the most efficient and interactive career network, including:

• Your very own voice-enabled Personal Career Assistant
• Live Recruiting Events
• Interactive Employer Profiles

Download the app, and share your Yuemey (dream)!

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